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Hostelul Sara's Sons este situat pe valea Cernei in statiunea Baile Herculane intr-o zona deosebit de pitoreasca. /
EN Stays with Bed and breakfast / half board / full board. For stays with treatment included, the minimum duration is 5 nights.
One week in the mountains package: 6 nights / Spa decade program: minimum 9 nights. Sara's Sons Hostel is located on the Cerna Valley in Baile Herculane resort, in a very picturesque area.

Include mic dejun (20 Lei), pranz (40 Lei) si cina (40 Lei) fisa cont in valoare totala de 100 Lei/zi/persoana (adult sau copil), o consultatie medicala/adult, tratament balnear 4 proceduri/zi/adult de luni pana sambata inclusiv.

/EN Includes breakfast, lunch and dinner account statement in the total amount of 100 Lei / day / person (adult or child), a medical consultation / adult, spa treatment 4 procedures / day / adult from Monday to Saturday inclusive.

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